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x3dSnap compiler minimum system requirements


This information describes the minimum software requirements for the x3dSnap Compiler.  The host platform refers to the client system where the VRML source is compiled.  The target platform refers to the system where the ANSI C output is compiled and executed.

Minimum Requirements

  • Host Platform
    • MS Windows NT/98/ME/2000/XP operating system with minimum 64 Mb system memory.  SDK requires approx. 5 Mb hard disk space.

    • VRML (.wrl) source, including all source and resource files referenced by URLs (Inline nodes, image textures, etc.). VRML source must be in uncompressed, text format.

  • Target Platform
    • Operating System supporting OpenGL (MS Windows, HP UX, Irix, Solaris, AIX, LINUX)

    • an ANSI C compiler

    • GLUT utitlity libraries (optional, needed for main routine & application window, see GLUT download page for details)


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